Longing for spring and warmer days ahead - March 2017

March is a time when many long for and look forward to the upcoming seasonal change - warm weather and spring cannot come quickly enough!  So during the March days filled with high anticipation, Artisan Resident Artist Amy expanded the resident Artists' exploration of spring and helped residents work on a variety of pieces, from individual flowers to spring landscapes. Beautiful photos of different scenes of the earth coming alive again with booms and blossoms were our inspiration and help everyone connect with the world around.

There are amazing blossoms of vibrant colors that came forth as results from these fantastic art sessions. And our artists all gravitated toward different concepts and ideas. One resident painted words on three photos she connected with; one in particular was of birch trees and she thought of one of her favorite poets, Robert Frost. Another resident painted two pieces: one was of a blossoming tree, and the other was of a field of flowers. Another artist worked on a painting of flowers under a tree. 

The photos that Amy brought to the sessions were a hit - EVEYONE it seems was ready for spring and the photos were very exciting to see the warmer days ahead! These sessions were filled with conversation and laughter, and of lots of memories. One resident used chalk to draw Niagra Falls from her memory, and recalled, “my husband always wanted to go back there in the wintertime. The Falls don’t freeze, but the vapors do and all the trees are covered in ice.” It is fabulous to see all the wonderful ways art inspires all who partake.