Resident Art Program

An important part of select Artisan communities is the engaging and stimulating art sessions for Artisan residents, led by our Artist-in-Residence. At art sessions, not only is amazing artwork created and confidence gained, but stories are told and memories are shared.

The start to fall and myriad genres of art - Artisan residents explore it all! September 2017

September showed the enormous breadth of talents of our resident artist. Artisan Resident Artist Amy brought so many different ideas and themes to our residents, and they embraced them all and used so much creativity with these outstanding works of art. 

Summer scenes from around Wisconsin - August 2017

Artisan Resident Artist Amy has introduced many themes to community residents of Artisan - recently, a theme was farm-focused and was a wildly popular "hit" with the residents! So Amy has upped the possibilties, and with the inspiration she is so fabulous at bringing, she added farm pictures and even farm-fresh produce to the equation.

Fish! Fantastic visuals, wonderful memories, and lots of laughter - July 2017

There are so many stories that came forth when Artisan Resident Artist Amy introduced the topic of fish, fishing, boats, and fishing holes. There were many memories that our residents shared and some terrific fishing tales!

Laugher, Memories, Flowers, and Landscapes: June 2017

Our Artisan Resident Artist, Amy, is able to find inspiration for art sessions in so many ways. She recently discovered a field of daisies blooming in her garden with a few poppies ready to pop, which then turned into art inspiration at some recent sessions.

Glorious blooms and blossom - sure signs of spring and summer May 2017

Close your eyes and think of the visions of what is blooming right now all across the state of Wisconsin - this theme is always a favorite of Artisan artists when the come to art sessions at this time of year. Visions of garden, lilacs, tulips, and violets, plus bleeding hearts and lily-of-the-valley are brought to life by our resident artists.